Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Reason to Love Austrailians

After work, I ran to the library to drop off a soon to be overdue library book. As I left and started driving home, I realized my cell phone was missing. First I thought it fell between the seats as it has done that before. I pulled over and preceded to tear my car apart. No luck. Panic sets in. Must retrace steps.
I drove to the library, checked the parking lot: nothing. Drove back to work. Checked around the parking space my car had been: nothing. Retrace the walk to my car: nothing. Check my office: nothing. Ask my employees: nothing. Ask the receptionist: nothing.
Less than an hour before, I had walked all three floors of the building. This is the last time I can recall having my cell phone. So I walked each floor, asking co-workers as I went: nothing.
The cleaning crew promised they would put it on my desk if they found it.
So I trudged back to my car. Tore it apart once again. Nothing.
And so I cried. All the way home.
I feel helpless without my cell phone. Fears creep into my head: what if I get in an accident? what if slide into a ditch? what if something happens to the baby? what if something happens to my family and they can't get a hold of me?

Forty-five minutes later I pulled into my garage. My husband runs out of the house exclaiming, "Thank goodness you are home!". I burst into tears, telling my husband between sobs that I had lost my phone.

"Don't worry, Kelly. A man found it in the parking lot. Molly talked to him."

After reassuring my parents I was okay (Molly had called them trying to get a hold of my husband). And then getting the info from Molly. I called the man. He was Australian. He had found my phone in the parking lot of the library.

We made arrangements so I could collect my phone.

When he dropped my phone off, I tried to give him a Thank You card with a small reward in it. He wouldn't take it.

"Australians don't accept tips or reward money. I'm just glad you got your phone back," he said proudly.

I am so thankful there are still good Samaritans out there. He saved me so much money and time and stress!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two Pink Lines

I have a bun in the oven.
I am 13 weeks pregnant.
I am due June 27, 2008.
I feel wonderful.

We have known since October (since Michelle's birthday!), but decided to keep it a secret from most of the world until we passed the precarious first trimester.
We told our parents and siblings first and then Molly (my bestest friend for 16 years!). And then my grandparents.

I told Molly, my parents, and my sister, Kim, by giving them the above picture framed.
Kim's response: "I knew it!"
Molly's response: "Really?!" (followed by a tight hug)
My Mom's response: "Kelly baked bread!"

Richard told his parents by giving them baby booties.

I broke the news to my grandparents by mailing them a picture frame with four windows. The first two windows had pictures of my nephews: Antonio and Jack. The third spot had a note: "Baby [cousin's last name]. Due: January 2008." (My cousin's wife is very pregnant.) The fourth position had another note: "Baby [my last name]. Due June 2008."

I told Richard by placing a baby bib ("I Love Daddy") on his night stand. And laid the positive pregnancy test next to it. Then I waited for him to wake up. When he did, he ran downstairs exclaiming, "I'm going to be a daddy?!?!"

Richard and I are more than excited. I think our loved ones may be more ecstatic then we are! Richard's mom loaded me up with maternity clothes, baby scrapbooking supplies, and a pregnancy book. My mom bought me maternity clothes and some baby outfits (even a little dress!). My sister had her old maternity clothes at my parent's house the next weekend. Molly bought me a pregnancy book and sent Richard and me flowers. The support and love has been wonderful and so so helpful.

I am scared and excited and overwhelmed with what the next six months will bring. I know, no matter what happens or how I may change (not only physically, but emotionally as well), I have a wonderful, supportive husband, fantastic parents who would do anything to help me, a generous sister who answers, with her nursing background, even my most silliest of pregnancy questions ("What if I have cravings for lard?!") And a best friend/sister who will listen to me babble on and on about this pregnancy (and read endless letters about it too) and at all hours of the night.
And so my blog which was once nicknamed the "The Log Blog" by Michelle after my relentless posting of my dog, Logger, will now become "The Baby Blog" {insert clever nickname by Michelle}

My Favorite Cake Eater

Santa called Michelle a "Cake Eater". This amuses me to no end. Check out her account!

I tried to upload pictures to my computer this morning. No luck. I'm going to try again tonight