Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Crap! I had a baby!

Christian Steven was born on Sunday, June 22.
I've started his own blog:

Motherhood is going well. I fell into the role smoother than I thought I would. Breastfeeding and 3 am diaper changings feel normal to me already. I am still adjusting to only 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. Richard thinks I'm pushing myself too hard because I don't take naps during the day. I've tried, but I'm not a napper. It's hard for me to sleep when Christian sleeps. Since I'm breastfeeding, it's not like Richard and I can switch off feedings. He does help me change him every few hours. Or he will burp Christian for me. Plus, I actually enjoy breastfeeding time with Christian. He is extra cuddly and sweet right after.

I hate diapers. I don't mind changing them. I'm annoyed that they don't stop the pee. They leak. This is how the couch, the bed, and me all got wet.
(Photos courtesy of Molly)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Progress! Finally!

I was pretty bummed after my week 39 checkup. I was eager for this appointment because I was ready. I am ready for Baby FermaNels to come. I wanted to make it to week 39 and he can come any time.
At 38 weeks, I was 50% effaced (how much my cervix has thinned) and the baby's head was completely down in my pelvis.
At 39 weeks, I was....the same. No progress.
If I had been even 1 cm dilated, my doctor offered to strip my membranes which would move labor along. (You can be dilated 2 cm one day and go back to 0 cm the next. Dilation does not guarantee labor will begin). So we discussed how long she would let me go over my due date (1.5 weeks).

I took a nap today. I took my jeans off and slept in just my T-shirt and underwear. I woke up an hour later, fixed my hair and makeup, and put my jeans back on. I felt something cold against my inner thigh and figured my jeans had gotten wet from washing my hands. But it felt weird. So I reached down and felt something gooey. I instantly screamed, thinking one of the cats puked on my jeans and it was smeared on my leg. Richard came running. I pulled my hand out to reveal a gelatinous pile. It looked like lubrication jelly. I instantly freaked out, trying to figure out where it came from. Richard immediately asked if it was my mucus plug. I had no idea. I searched my pregnancy book and discovered it was. I lost my mucus plug during my nap and it stuck to my leg! (sorry if this grosses you out!)
I'm very excited about this because it means I'm one step closer to going into labor. It also means my cervix has thinned more (Yeah!).

PS: I'm not going to scrapbook it, Molly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

15 Days to Go

I fell today. Don't worry. I didn't get hurt although I freaked out all my employees. I went to sit down in a chair and it kicked out from under me. I fell on my butt and just started laughing.
Updates: Ribs still hurt. Pelvic bone hurts when he moves. Tired all the time. Sleeping is hard since my belly has gotten larger.
But, I'm hanging in there. Two weeks to go...
And yes, this is one of my favorite pregnancy shirts (thanks Kim)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Please remove your foot

His foot is lodged in my ribs. This has become his new favorite place. I guess it gives him a little extra room to stretch out since he refuses to move out instead of up. But it hurts!
I have to sit perfectly straight or stand. Otherwise, I have a butt or a foot stabbing my ribs.

Richard's grandpa has a brain tumor. This past week, we've spent many hours at the hospital with this family with many more hours to accrue later this week. I've actually enjoyed my time there. His aunts and uncle are in from various parts of the country (and they are my favorites of Richard's relatives!). And I've met lots of extended family. I really enjoy family history, so it's been fun to listen to all the stories. Especially the ones of Richard. =)
Richard's grandpa (his namesake) has a tumor the size of a fist pushing against his brain. It was causing mini seizures which disrupted his speech and memory.
Richard went to see him last Friday morning. He asked to his his great grandson, not realizing he hasn't been born yet. It took awhile for him to comprehend that the baby will be here in 3 weeks. Then he started asking for me. I went with Richard's brother, Josh, to the hospital Friday after work. Richard's grandpa was so excited to see me and my belly. Luckily, Baby FermaNels cooperated (which he rarely does), and Richard's grandpa got to feel him kick.
Over the course of the weekend, Richard's grandpa proudly introduced my belly to all his visitors. He is obviously excited to become a great grandpa (Baby FermaNels will be the first great grandchild).
By Sunday, the anti-seizure medicine had done its job. Richard's grandpa was able to speak clearly and walk around. He had his first surgery yesterday to cut off the blood supply to the tumor. It was a success. Tomorrow, they will remove the tumor. It is looking like the tumor is non cancerous. As tumors go, he has won the lottery.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week 37: Full Term!

Baby FermaNels is officially full term! But I don't want him to come yet. Reasons:

Most importantly, I want him to have the best chance to be healthy. The longer he stays in the womb, the more weight he'll gain and the more developed he'll become. I can put up with any discomfort if it means he'll be healthy.

Secondly, and stupidly, I have one more project at work to finish before I go into labor. It starts this week and lasts the full week. I don't want to leave it unfinished. Plus I have two brand new employees. I want them fully trained in before I leave. Since my company does not offer maternity leave, my employees and my boss are on strict orders not to contact me while I am on short term disability. I don't want to come back in late August to a mess.

I had my first scare last Wednesday. I haven't missed a single day of work because of this pregnancy. I'm pretty proud of that. On Wednesday, I started getting shooting pains on the top of my stomach. My doctor told me to come in and get checked out. I knew I wasn't in labor, but Richard freaked out. We don't have a bag packed, so he frantically started throwing things in a duffel bag.
Obviously, I'm not in labor. Baby FermaNels is out of room. He is suppose to be growing outward, but he is stubborn (gee, I wonder where he gets that from?!) and insists on growing up. He is now past my ribs. The shooting pain is being caused by the baby pushing on nerves under my ribs. He is also in birthing position. His head is in my pelvis. So when moves, he is either hitting my pelvic bone or my ribs. Very uncomfortable. It has actually become more comfortable to stand than sit. Luckily, I don't have swollen feet.
But I can hold out. I would rather be uncomfortable than for him to come too early.
Tonight, Richard and I are going to properly pack a bag.