Thursday, June 12, 2008

15 Days to Go

I fell today. Don't worry. I didn't get hurt although I freaked out all my employees. I went to sit down in a chair and it kicked out from under me. I fell on my butt and just started laughing.
Updates: Ribs still hurt. Pelvic bone hurts when he moves. Tired all the time. Sleeping is hard since my belly has gotten larger.
But, I'm hanging in there. Two weeks to go...
And yes, this is one of my favorite pregnancy shirts (thanks Kim)


Angie said...

Check out TotSpot -

Molly said...

Look at that belly! I'm coming this weekend! I want belly pictures too. :) My sister is mailing me her Polaroid, so I'm going to Polaroid you + baby to death. xo

Molly said...

It was beautiful to see you yesterday. :)

I keep meaning to mention: I know you said you've been thinking of starting a blog for the baby, and I know it's weird that I read mama-blogs, but I do, and one of the things I love that dooce (I think it was her) started up is the tradition of the monthly letter as blog post. It's really for Iago, but others would read it too and sigh and love you and Iago so much for it. Maybe you could write a pre-birth letter to start it off?

I almost want to write one to him myself, but I just did an Iago post, so I will wait a few days. So hold him in there until I can write a pre-birth letter to my first* nephew.

* = OK, technically second. Since Ryan's sister has James. :)