Monday, August 25, 2008

MN State Fair

MN State Fair Attendance on Sunday: 183,528

Richard, Molly, Ryan, and I went to the MN State Fair on Sunday.

Four blisters and a sun burned scalp later, Richard and I had devoured lots of delicious fatty food:

  • Double Cheese Pizza on a Stick
  • Deep Fried 3 Musketeers on a Stick
  • Mini Donuts
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick (deep fried of course)
  • Deep Fried Fruit on a Stick
  • A Pronto Pup (on a stick)
  • Walleye on a Stick (are you seeing a theme...)
  • Deep Fried Cheese Curds
  • Fresh Squeezed lemonade
  • Hot Dish on a Stick
  • Alligator sausage on a Stick

We also visited some sheep, ducks, and rabbits. And we saw the Iron Jack Lumberjack Show. One of my favorite parts was the Sky Ride. Richard and I took a round trip. We got the "Cow Car", complete with a cow bell. It was a blast! We also visited the winning vegetables. The largest pumpkin was 834 lbs!

For more great pictures of our state fair adventure, check out Molly's blog

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I usually have to change my clothes at least once a day because of baby spit up or breast milk leakage. It always centers around Christian.
Then the day came where I had to change my outfit and it had nothing to do with Christian.
First I had to change my pants because in a sudden burst of excitement by Logger, he peed on my leg.
Then I was cleaning out the refrigerator. I had a container of pudding and whip cream (left overs from a delightful fruit trifle my mom made). It slipped out of my hands and plopped in the sink, sending pudding and whip cream into the air and covering my shirt and hair.
Christian didn't spit up on me once that day. I was just a magnet for mess.

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 10: Happy Birthday Logger

My little Loggerhead turned 2 years old yesterday!