Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Reason to Love Austrailians

After work, I ran to the library to drop off a soon to be overdue library book. As I left and started driving home, I realized my cell phone was missing. First I thought it fell between the seats as it has done that before. I pulled over and preceded to tear my car apart. No luck. Panic sets in. Must retrace steps.
I drove to the library, checked the parking lot: nothing. Drove back to work. Checked around the parking space my car had been: nothing. Retrace the walk to my car: nothing. Check my office: nothing. Ask my employees: nothing. Ask the receptionist: nothing.
Less than an hour before, I had walked all three floors of the building. This is the last time I can recall having my cell phone. So I walked each floor, asking co-workers as I went: nothing.
The cleaning crew promised they would put it on my desk if they found it.
So I trudged back to my car. Tore it apart once again. Nothing.
And so I cried. All the way home.
I feel helpless without my cell phone. Fears creep into my head: what if I get in an accident? what if slide into a ditch? what if something happens to the baby? what if something happens to my family and they can't get a hold of me?

Forty-five minutes later I pulled into my garage. My husband runs out of the house exclaiming, "Thank goodness you are home!". I burst into tears, telling my husband between sobs that I had lost my phone.

"Don't worry, Kelly. A man found it in the parking lot. Molly talked to him."

After reassuring my parents I was okay (Molly had called them trying to get a hold of my husband). And then getting the info from Molly. I called the man. He was Australian. He had found my phone in the parking lot of the library.

We made arrangements so I could collect my phone.

When he dropped my phone off, I tried to give him a Thank You card with a small reward in it. He wouldn't take it.

"Australians don't accept tips or reward money. I'm just glad you got your phone back," he said proudly.

I am so thankful there are still good Samaritans out there. He saved me so much money and time and stress!


Molly said...

I totally thought he was a prank caller when your number came up, with that special picture of you with 50 Cent (aw). Glad it arrived back safely in your hands!


michelle said...

Aw - Glad everything worked out! It's always great to hear stories like that :)