Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

2007 was a big year.
And it was an unusually happy year for Richard and me.


January 25: My nephew Jack Craig is born. He is welcomed by big brother Antonio!

March 17: Logger is adopted and becomes a member of our family!

April 21: Richard and I get married!! Except for a few people I had no control over, this was my dream wedding. It was 80 degrees outside in Minnesota!! (average is high 50s!). Richard gave the most touching, impromptu speech. I cry just thinking about it.

April 25 - May 2: Honeymoon to Mexico! It was my first time outside the country. And Richard's first trip to the beach. We had so much fun!

May: Logger eats Aleve and is in the hospital for 2 days. Result: $2000 = healthy Logger (ok, one not so good memory, but it turned out well!)

August 11: Molly gets married! She was such a beautiful bride! Such a beautiful day! She looked so happy.

October 22: Richard and I find out I am pregnant! (and on Michelle's birthday!) We are so excited and have a hard time keeping it a secret.

December 17: We get to hear the baby's heartbeat! Strong and healthy. It's a beautiful sound. Richard remarks that is sounds like a CB radio! (my husband: the trucker!).

Overall, a very good year!
Our wedding brought Richard and his extended family closer together. We keep in contact with Aunts and Uncles Richard hasn't spoken to in years.
This weekend, we are going to the traditional family Lutefisk and Meatball get together. (yeah for me!)

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michelle said...

You've had a BIG year! I'm so incredibly happy for you!! And ack - the babies - just reading about them now makes me tear up...I'm turning into a huge sap in my old age...

Congrats! Hope to the year to come is even better!

Although..I must say I don't envy you and that dinner you're about to eat :)