Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Rules of Pregnancy

I had no idea there were so many rules and restrictions associated with being pregnant. My doctor, various pregnancy books, and friend who are or were pregnant have given me rules and restrictions for my pregnancy:

1. No drinking (duh!)
2. No smoking (of course!)
3. No caffeine (doctor says up to 2 oz a day is A-Okay though)
4. No fish or seafood (although tuna and salmon are suppose to fine according to pregnancy book)
5. No deli meat (doctor says there is no real evidence this causes harm)
6. No soft cheeses: feta, blue cheese, etc (not pasteurized)
7. No dying hair (chemicals leak in through your hair follicles. Although my sister the nurse and my doctor says this isn't true.)
8. No pumping gas (I have a very cautious friend)
9. No picking silverware or food off of floor (obviously I'm not going to use it or eat it, but I don't see why I can't pick it up to get rid of it!)
10. No sleeping on back or stomach (my hips hurt already)
11. No squats (my favorite exercise was vetoed by my doctor even though Fit Pregnancy shows squat exercises)
12. No lifting more than 25 lbs (Logger is my limit)
13. No cleaning cat litter box (YES!)

And the list goes on. This is what I could think of off the top of my head. Please add more if you know them.

Most of the rules are understandable and I agree with. But not pumping my own gas! No way. It isn't possible. What am I suppose to do on days when Richard is driving in South Dakota and my gas tank is empty (like today)? Full service pumps are few and far between.


michelle said...

i think you should be fine pumping gas as long as you don't lick the pump or inhale the gas :) (which..you really should just stop doing that kelly...we've talked about this...)

my mind is still blown by the fact that you have a wee one growing inside of you! i am so excited/jealous/thrilled...sigh...

oh - just a reminder that you are to tell me the sex. i love greens and yellows and browns but i want to make something blue or pink! :)

Angie said...

There are always too many rules! I think as long as you do your best, the baby will turn out just fine. I'm sure our mothers ate fish and feta cheese... and god knows what else, when they were pregnant with us. Didn't make us worse for wear! You guys will be great parents.

Molly said...

No missing poetry readings by Molly Kiefer. No missing trips to Louisiana with the famous poet Molly Kiefer. :)No licking stamps. Because they're self adhesive.

carrster said...

I ate loads of deli meats...pumped my own gas and occasionally fell asleep on my back - seems that it worked out okay. :) I DID however enjoy NOT cleaning the litter box for 9 months - whohoo! (now I get to clean the litter box AND take out the diaper pail...hmmm.....)