Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Gave In

I'm wearing maternity clothes.
I bought black dress pants from Gap Outlet (I love the Outlet Mall). And I hung up the maternity shirts that I'm not drowning in.
I definately look more pregnant.
I don't like these style of shirts. The ones that cinch at the waist (tie in the back) and flow out past the hips. Empire Waist. Baby Doll shirts. (I know, Michelle, they look good on you!). But I feel fat in them.
I'm forcing myself to wear them because my sweaters are starting to creep up in the front and my dress shirts now have the "gape" (happens when your button down shirt is too tight around the bust). Now I have the "gape" at my Plus Size boobs and my belly!
My friend at work, Nissa, says people will start talking behind my back now: "Is Kelly pregnant or just letting herself go?" Hee Hee

1 comment:

michelle said...

i'm sure you look great in those shirts - even if they aren't you're favorite style :)