Thursday, January 24, 2008

17 Weeks: The Bulge

I am 17 weeks pregnant although most people still think I'm in my first trimester. I'm not showing too much and I'm fighting maternity clothes. I am wearing maternity jeans as my regular jeans won't button. But my dress pants will stay up unbuttoned, so no maternity clothes at work yet. I'm refusing to wear the obvious babydoll/empire waist maternity shirts. They look HUGE on me right now. I only have a little bulge. It feels rather large to me, but I don't think its very obvious to everyone that I'm pregnant. (Although one person at work asked me!)
The baby finally shifted and stopped pressing against my siatic nerve. So I'm going back on the treadmill (only to walk though. It's been too long since I jogged.)
I woke up at 3 am, starving. But I didn't eat anything. I'm not used to this eating all the time stuff. It's very unnatural to me. But when the baby is hungry, the baby is hungry.
Only a few more weeks until the ultrasound....


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