Thursday, January 17, 2008

16 Weeks: Fluttering

My stomach flutters, little butterflies flittering inside my belly. Then a quick jab above my pelvis. And then more tickling inside me.

My baby is moving.
It has fingernails and long legs (longer than its arms). And it kicks. But not strong enough to really feel it. Instead, it creates flutters.
It's a weird sensation. But it's exciting because its the baby moving. It is growing so fast and yet, I haven't grown too much.
A few people at work have commented they can tell I'm pregnant from the side. I have gained two pounds. And my sweaters and button down shirts are starting to get tight.
My memory is getting wonky too. A few people have said its the pregnancy. I'll set things down and forget where I set them.
Today was an all time low for wonkiness:
I made frozen waffles for breakfast this morning. After I put syrup on them, I stuffed them in the microwave to warm up a little. When I went to take them out, I opened the cabinet door next to the microwave instead of the microwave door! I did this twice!
I'm losing it.


michelle said...


Aw! I'm going to have to stop reading your blog! Any mention of pregnancy and bellies and flutterings and I just get all teared up. sigh....

i am so happy for you!!

Molly said...

flutter, flutter