Thursday, January 3, 2008

14 Weeks

I don't' think anyone can tell I'm pregnant, except for me. My stomach was fairly flat before (see my honeymoon post). I can't suck it in anymore. And my stomach is hard and a little bulbous. My pants are getting tighter (which is a terrible feeling - baby or no baby). I am not in maternity clothes yet.
I guess it is different for all women. I mean when they start to show. I know you show sooner with your second baby because your body doesn't have to rearrange organs. Once they rearrange to make room for a baby, they stay that way. (very strange).
I didn't gain any weight in my first trimester, nor did I lose any. I haven't been eating more than usual, just more often. And I'm trying to get some exercise on a daily basis. Although the stupid, stabbing, sharp pain in my tail bone (caused by my sciatic nerve) prevents me from doing my regular exercise routine.
Yesterday was the first day I was starving all day. I would eat a snack and an hour later, I felt like I hadn't eaten at all! It was frustrating because I'm not used to this. I really try to watch how much I eat. I actually had to buy a snack out of the vending machine! (I never buy food out of the vending machine). I came prepared today. Loaded with apples, apple chips, peanut butter sandwich, yogurt, and a fruit cup, I ate a little healthier. With the right snacks, I didn't feel nearly as hungry (although I still ate more than usual).
No cravings yet. My sister, the nurse, says I will crave what my body needs. If I'm low on iron, I'll probably crave a high iron food like spinach or (ACK!) meat. If I need Vitamin C, I'll crave lemons or oranges. I'll probably crave some weird combination of pickles and apple sauce (I used to mix them when I was kid!)
Next appointment is at 16 weeks. Only about a month away from finding out the sex of the baby (!).

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Molly said...

I'll bake you some bread. :)