Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I haven't been the best friend....

In ninth grade, Molly had a swim meet. In fact, she had several. I did not make it to a single one. Perhaps this is why we didn't speak for the next two years....
I never went to her forensic matches. I have concluded I was lazy in high school.
I DID go to the Vagina Monologues...TWICE!

Friday, Molly had a poetry reading. I made it a point to go (must make up for the missed swim meets! I feel a little guilty for missing them when we were 14).

Molly was understandably nervous. The regulars who attend these poetry readings are elderly, so Molly was a little apprehensive about some words in her poems. But Emily, Chris, and I convinced her not to edit her work. And no one flinched or gasped. It fit the poem and message.

And although she says she was nervous, her voice did not quiver, her hands did not shake, and her face was not flush. She read beautifully.
It's funny because when Emily was reading, her half hour seemed very long. But Molly's was over too quickly. I wanted more.

The response from the audience was very positive. They giggled at the right moments, teared up when appropriate. I think everyone really enjoyed her work.
I hope she has one again soon. I want to go.


michelle said...

i hope she has one again too. i want to go :)

that was a lovely post kelly. you guys have such a great bond - you are incredibly lucky!

Molly said...

I hope I have one too!

And you've been a wonderful friend, tinkerbell.