Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17 March

Lots going on today.....

St. Patrick's Day.....

Ryan's 30th birthday....


Logger's 2 year anniversary of joining our family....

The day we brought Logger home

Richard and I were running errands on March 17, 2007. We had been talking about getting a dog since we bought our house six months earlier. We decided to go to the animal shelter to just "look". We met two dogs there. Logger and an older yellow lab. The yellow lab was very sweet and we were very close to adopting him. He had hip problems and would have had a hard time maneuvering all the stairs in our split level house. We decided to meet Loggerhead. Logger and his brother (Turtleshell) were by far the cutest puppies there. Turtleshell was barking nonstop while Logger sat next to him, tail wagging feverishly.
In the room, Logger played with Richard and me. He immediately climbed into Richard's lap. Richard instantly adored him. Our final test was to see how he would react to cats. The staff let out one of the cats who was familiar with dogs. Logger ignored the cat the whole time. So we made our donation and brought Logger home.
If you have ever been to my house or had the pleasure of babysitting Logger, you know he is a crazy dog. He does everything except ignore my poor cats. In fact he herds them to where he thinks they belong. He is convinced they are going to steal his bones or his precious Chicken (rubber dog toy). He is also the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He loves everyone and insists on kissing you. He loves Christian. For the first 5 months, Logger never missed a diaper change. He would never let the cats near Christian. Every morning Logger has to say hello to Christian. And when Christian and I arrive home at night, Logger has to lick Christian. He sneaks Christian kisses every chance he gets.
Let me back up....Logger had a rough start at our house. A week after our wedding (April 2007), Logger ate a bottle of Aleve. My friend Kelli rushed Logger and me to the animal hospital. Logger spent two days hooked up to tubes, receiving fluids and antibiotics. It was one of the scariest two days of my life. Even though Logger was still a fairly new addition to my life, he was my constant companion. Richard had begun driving over the road and was gone for two weeks a time. Logger kept me occupied and made me feel safe. I wasn't ready to lose him. $2000 later Logger walked out of the hospital healthy and happy.
Logger is the fastest dog I have ever met. He out runs every dog he meets. It is amazing to see him cut corners and race around trees.
Logger has a long list of things he has consumed. The Aleve bottle was just the beginning. He has eaten a leather journal, multiple pairs of shoes, my dental mouth guard, gum, a tube of bactracin, stuffed animals, all the cat toys in our house, baby formula, most recently seven chocolate covered granola bars, and much much more.
I can't stay angry with Logger. He is so sweet and loving. He is my best friend. He keeps me sane while Richard is working. Just when I think I am at my breaking point, Logger is there. He comforts me, he loves me. He is my best friend. I am so excited for Christian to grow up with Logger. I know they will be the best of friends.

Logger 2008 and a pregnant me (this was after Antonio accidently gave me a black eye with a frisbee)

Logger 2009

Logger relaxing on Christian's Boppy pillow

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Frasier! He's a cute little devil.