Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching

Thanksgiving came so quickly. We had already started Christmas shopping. We are more than half done. Our tree went up on Thanksgiving. Richard spent hours strategically placing our Christmas lights on our house weeks before Thanksgiving. But we forgot one important step in the process of preparing for Christmas: cards.

In the past, we started planning weeks before Thanksgiving. We always do a photo card.

2006 - Richard and I relaxing on the couch

2007 - our wedding picture

2008 - 5 month old Christian

Of course Christian was going to be the star of this year's card, but we had not planned anything.

So the Sunday after Thanksgiving we bought a large silver ball ornament and a big plastic candy cane. We dressed Christian in his nicest polo, drapped a white sheet over the couch and attempted to have a little photo session.

Between our delayed point and shoot camera and Christian's inability to sit still, none of the pictures are card worthy. Christian loved to hit the ornament with the candy cane and at one point turned the candy cane on us! This, however, is my favorite picture.

We chose instead a picture my dearest friend Molly took of Christian a few months back. She always takes the most brilliant and beautiful pictures of my son, capturing his personality and light.

So I proudly present the outakes of our botched photo session:


Molly said...

I look forward to seeing what you picked and goofbuckets: call me and we'll set up a "session" for next year! I'm happy to do a three-of-you picture too. xo

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carrster said...

Hee hee - those were pretty cute!

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