Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RenFest '07

Snot: "Where are you going?"
Puke: "To take my wife's panties off."
Snot: "Why would you do that?"
Puke: "Because they've been riding up my leg all day!"
-Puke and Snot, MN Renissance Festival 2007

September 1, 2007: A hot, sweltering summer day. And Molly wore all black.

We ate lots of tasty bad food including more cheese curds and a caramel apple that stuck to every part of me. We watched half of a bad magic show and thoroughly enjoyed the comedy of Puke and Snot. Jokes so awful they make you groan.

As with any fair, the animals are my favorite. I talked to the piglets (in my secret pig language!) and I pet a few brand new puppies. The goats are always entertaining. And I saw the biggest horse I have ever seen! This woolly guy was cute. I resisted the urge to pet him.

Our first outing with Molly and Ryan since they took the big plunge. They were very patient with Richard and me as we searched for the perfect souvenir mug.

Do you see the poof ball of hair behind us?!? Wow!

Sweaty, tired, and smelly. That sums up how we felt at this point.
Richard swears he'll never go to another Renaissance Festival. He's a country boy. His alliances lie with the State Fair. He says Molly and Ryan will just have to go with us to the State Fair next year.
Sounds like a plan!


michelle said...

You look so young!

You went to the Ren Festival the same day we went to the State Fair - those things should never be experienced in such hot weather!

Chris wants to take me to the Ren Festival since I've never been. And since it's cooled off I'm looking forward to it - I didn't get my cheese curd fix yet! :)

Molly said...

State Fair it is, m'lady.