Friday, August 31, 2007

My Mother's Seance

Monday evening, I chatted with my dad on the phone. He casually mentioned that my mom was going to a seance Tuesday night. WHAT? That's so odd. I had never known anyone to go to a seance. Let alone treat it as casually as if she were attending a Pampered Chef party.

Tuesday night, under the full moon, my mom attended her first seance. In her own words:

"We first stood and held hands and the psychic (Regina) said a prayer.
Then we sat in a circle with our feet flat on the floor and our palms up with our eyes closed.
She told us a story about walking through a rain forest to an island. We were supposed to imagine that we were there. She was every descriptive, saying things like “the moss on the ground feels like velvet on our feet”.
Then she asked if anyone wanted to contact someone. She had already told us to just say our name, the name of the person we wanted to contact, and the relationship of that person to us.
I said “ Bonnie Christopher My Son”. Right away, she said, “I see a pinwheel”. I audibly gasped and burst out crying.
Brenda, Laura, and Mary Lou said later that they heard me gasp in shock. I told her that we put a pinwheel on his grave. [Every year on Chris's birthday, my mom puts a pinwheel by his gravestone.]

She asked if there was anything I wanted to say to him and I said ”Tell him I love him and I think of him every day”.
Regina said Christopher wanted me to know that he chose to go when he did so he wouldn’t be a burden on me. He said he would have been in a wheelchair and I would have spend the rest of my life taking care of him. When the angels came to him and gave him a choice, he chose to go so he wouldn’t be a burden to me.

Then she said “You have a daughter”. And I said “I have two daughters”. She asked me your names and I said “Kim and Kelly”. She said, “Christopher is trying to get Kelly to lighten up, but she’s not listening”.
I thought about that and it made sense.
Oh – she said if I smelled baby powder and there was no baby powder around that Christopher was there.
She said he’s with a large white dog. She asked if I ever had such a dog and I said no, but my parents did.
Do you remember, Ginger, the Japanese Akita? She was born 3 years before Christopher. We got her when I was in high school. I can’t explain it, but I feel he really is with Ginger. It just makes sense to me."

I have never believed, nor disbelieved psychics. I have never had an experience with a psychic. I also started crying when my told me about the pinwheels. How would she know about that? And how would she know that I worry about everything and take everything seriously.
I am taken back by this. And now I'm a little curious about psychics.

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Molly said...

I think it's sweet. If nothing else, your mother can have some sense of peace, or closure, in some ways, about losing your brother.