Thursday, August 9, 2007


My best friend is getting married tomorrow. WOW!

I'm in shock by this. I can't believe Molly is getting married tomorrow.

Molly and I met in Seventh Grade homeroom. She was new and weird (I'm sorry Molly, but you were). She had a southern accent and duck boots. She was shy and silently beautiful. Huge blue eyes.

We were inseparable during Seventh and Eighth Grade. Partners for every lab, field trip, and study group. We played computer games together and called boys late into the night.

Ninth grade: I had my first cigarette with Molly. On the old concrete farm bridge behind my parent's house. Molly cut off her long trademark locks. I permed my hair. Other things besides our hair changed that year. We grew apart. Or rather our teen angst and need to belong pushed one another towards other friends.

Fast Forward twelfth grade: Walking down the hall, a notebook is passed to me from an old friend. We have matured enough to start to learn how to accept our differences.

Freshman year, College: Molly and Chris come to visit me in Minnesota. I visit Molly at her crazy apartment in Green Bay. We are rebuilding.

Sophomore year, College: Molly moves to Minnesota. She only lives 5 blocks away. But I believe my life is too busy to hang out with her as much as I want to (rather a boy is in the way). I meet Ryan for the first time. Molly gets to know the first of my long term boyfriends. I kill her fish while pet sitting.

Age 22 - 23: We both live in Roseville. We swim together, and cook together, and drink together, and grow together. We carve pumpkins drunk and visit Chris in Eau Claire during the worst snow storm in years. I'm with long term boyfriend #2. Molly and Ryan are happily together. Molly stays with me while I recover from my freak nose bleed that cost me 3/4 of my blood supply.

Age 24 & 25: Molly moves away to Winona. I clean Molly's toilets. I kill fish number 2 & 3 while pet sitting (I blame the B&N fish). Molly pulls me out of depression when a long term relationship ends.

Age 26 - 27: Molly moves to Red Wing and buys her first house with Ryan. Richard and I get serious (long term boyfriend #3) and quickly, very quickly get engaged. Molly and Ryan get engaged. I move west to buy a house with Richard. The last fish dies naturally so I can't kill it.

Richard and I get married. Molly and Ryan get married...TOMORROW!

I'm sure Molly has LOTS to add to this. And I want to know her version of the highlights.
PS: This picture is from 1999! Aren't they cute


Bonnie Fermanich said...

Molly has been a wonderful friend to you and you've been a wonderful friend to her. You two are like sisters. Ryan is a great guy too!!
I am honored to attend their wedding tomorrow.

michelle said...

Such a nice blog! :)

And they look so cute in that picture!

See you tomorrow!