Friday, August 17, 2007

Tunnel Vision

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. It has been about 18 months since my last appointment. And I was on my last pair of contacts. I made sure I scheduled the appointment right after I started wearing my last pair. Last time I was at the eye doctor, I was scolded for wearing such filthy lenses and then he proceeded to rip them from my eyes!

This was a new Optometrist. The little clinic was set in a new strip mall. The doctor was wrinkled and hunched. He looked as though he should have retired 5 years ago.

I sat in the exam chair and we chatted about my eye care history. When he stood up to exam my eyes, he exclaimed that he was going to cut my bangs because they were too long. I thought he was serious until a small chuckle escaped his mouth, followed by throaty cough.
He then jokingly called me Veronica Lake and asked when my next movie was coming out. I did a polite laugh, but I didn't really know who Veronica Lake was. I knew she was a classic film star, but I didn't realize she was from the 1940's!

He came in for a close up. He smelled like a hospital and his hands were bone cold.

After exclaiming my new lenses would make my eyes better than 20/20, he handed me over to his assistant to pick out frames. He told her to collect my old glasses and put them in the ancient frames cabinet on display. I think he was joking because a smile spread across his face. I smiled back and thanked him.

I picked out new frames and paid my bill.

And I kept my old, Logger abused glasses. Just in case.

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