Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did the baby just kick or was it just gas?!

My sister gave me The Baby Plus belt to use starting at week18. It has a little speaker that attaches to your belly. It sounds like a heartbeat crossed with footsteps. And the tempo varies and increases every week. It is suppose to stimulate the baby's brain and help him distinguish between my heartbeat, his heartbeat, and other sounds. He's most active when I use it. Lots of fluttering. On Monday, I had it straped to my belly and I was reading a book in bed. Suddenly my book gets pushed up. And then I feel what can only be described as a belly hiccup on my left side. And then another.
This happened again on Tuesday night.
He's kicking!
It feels like a gas bubble popping in my belly. Or a hiccup.

Logger was laying half on my belly (he likes to cuddle up to my stomach now). And the baby was kicking him. But Logger didn't flinch.
It's too soon for someone else to feel it from the outside. Hopefully in another week or two.


michelle said...

ah! so incredible!

when exactly am i going to get to see you and your growing belly?? come over!!

KeLL said...

We do need to get together soon. Maybe next weekend would work better?

Bonnie said...

I can hardly wait to feel my grandson kick!!! Ema loves him!!