Monday, July 21, 2008

Eskimo Pies

With a last name as common as mine, there are bound to be at least a dozen people who share your name.
I didn't Google Christian's name before choosing it. For the same reason we didn't share his name with others, we didn't look at who else shared his name.

A week after Christian was born, Richard and I were watching Modern Marvels on the History Channel. It was the history of ice cream episode. I was playing on the computer when I heard Christian's name! I demanded Richard rewind the program (LOVE satellite TV). Sure enough, they said Christian's name.

Christian shares a name with the gentlemen who invented the Eskimo Pie (who was not an Eskimo)

I wondered who I shared a name with. Would there be anyone famous?
Kelly the actor (who is male)
Kelly the body builder (part of a mother/daughter body building duo)

What famous people do you share your name with?

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Angie said...

uh, no one. bummer.