Monday, May 14, 2007

He's Lucky He's So Cute!

I came home Friday night from work to discover Logger had destroyed a bottle of Aleve and may have digested some. He seemed to be acting fine. He was his normal crazy, hyper self. By 8:30 pm though, I was hysterical. Logger was vomiting every couple minutes and he was becoming lethargic. Our friend, Kelli, rushed Logger and me to the Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services in Coon Rapids.

I estimated that he ate 3 -4 pills. This was well above fatal and would shut down his kidneys if they didn't counter act it with other medication. Logger spent 56 hours in the hospital. He had an IV drip and a catheter (hopefully he will remember that before chews on something). The Vet said he was a rascal. He was barking non-stop. They were afraid he would rip his catheter out, so he had to be sedated.

We picked him up this morning and he seems to back to his old self (minus his front leg where they shaved his front leg for the IV!). He has become the most expensive pet we have ever had! But he's worth it.


Molly said...

What a relief to hear that FRASIER is OK! Ryan is very upset that he hasn't met him yet, and I keep forgetting to show him pictures. Now I can just send him your blog.

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michelle said...

welcome to the world of blogging! isn't it grand? like scrapbooking but way easier....

anyhow - i'm very glad to hear that the log is doing okay! i can't imagine how worried you must have been!

also - that first picture of the log is absolutely adorable! i love it!

one more thing....hmmm...what was it? oh yeah! i miss you and we need to hang out!