Thursday, May 17, 2007

Soaking Up the Sun...with Sunscreen on!

We Y Mexico!
Richard and I went on our Honeymoon to Mexico on April 25 - May 2. We stayed at the Gran Porto Real Resort in Playa del Carmen.
We did a lot of relaxing. We also fell in love with a drink called a Miami Vice.

We took 2 day trips. We went on the Coba Mayan Adventure. This entailed going to the Mayan ruin Coba, climbing the Mayan pyramid, eating an authentic Mayan meal, and visiting a Mayan village.

Our tour guide was great! He was half Mexican, half Mayan so he was very passionate about sharing his Mayan heritage. He spoke the language and knew all about the Mayan customs and history. We climbed two Mayan "pyramids". The first one, "The Church", is only 32 steps high. "Coba", however, is 121 steps to the top! We did it! But Richard was hurting the next day. The second half of our day consisted of visiting a Mayan village. Many people think the Mayans are extinct. This is not true. They live in the same style house that their ancestors lived in for thousands of years. The one difference is they have electricity. It was interesting to see how they combined modern life with ancient traditions.

Our 2nd tour was a snorkeling adventure. We went to 3 locations: A sinkhole, a cave, and a lagoon. It was fantastic. Highly, highly recommend it. Absolutely beautiful. We saw a stingray and a barracuda. A few people in our group saw a shark, but I did not. The Lagoon opened up into the ocean. We swam out to the coral reef. Just amazing.
And now for the pictures:

Our Resort

Relaxing by the beach

The beach! Richard is dumbfounded by the enormous amount of Speedos present!

Relaxing by the pool

Coba! 120 steps up!

How much further do I have to climb?

The view from halfway up

We made it!

From the top looking down....looks a little steep

Mayan Food: Chicken cooked with peppers & paprika (and other spices), rice and beans.

A Mayan House

Electricity & Banana leaf roof!

Mexico's rivers are underground. The limestone wears away, creating these sinkholes. We jumped off a 20 ft cliff to swim in this sinkhole! Isn't it beautiful!

Don't we look cute? Awww...

The caves (underground river) we snorkeled in

The Lagoon with coral reef. Absolutely amazing!


Molly said...

I love the picture of you and Richard in the water! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I hate to admit this, but a little bit of me is actually looking forward to seeing your scrapbooks. :) Oy.

michelle said...

I want to be in Mexico....

And I want to see MORE pictures - I know you have tons of them :)

Chris and I were watching Planet Earth when they went into lots of detail about the underground rivers - they were so cool! :)

carrster said...

oooh! I love Playa!! What a beautiful (and romantic) place! Such great food, beaches, sunshine, margaritas - *sigh* Yes! I would go back! Looks like you had a lovely honeymoon. :)