Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does anyone care if I shave my cats?

My 2 little (OK, big) furry cats are going through their teenage angst phase (even though they are technically middle age). Or they have decided to hate us for getting the Loggerhead puppy.
In the last month, I have come home from work, exhausted, fishing around the wall for the light, only to step on broken glass. My lovely cats have decided they are now allowed on the counters. They have also decided when Richard and I are not home, drinking glasses look much better smashed on the kitchen floor. I don't know if its the swinging tails, the playful paws, or the gyrating tummies that are pushing the glasses over the edge.
Richard and I have resorted to the spray bottle technique. Maddy is fast though. She leaps off the counter before I can grab the bottle. She knows she is not suppose to be up there. They both know.
The problem is once they see us glaring at them, voices raised, feet stomping, their first reaction is to jump down, onto the floor. But Logger sits there, waiting. Waiting for them the leap so he can chase them. So they have to jump from counter to counter to dining room table (their safe haven from the dog). It's as if they are jumping over a crocodile with its snapping jaw.
Does anyone have any other suggestions to keeping them off the counters?


Angie said...

Snappy Trainers, they work for dogs or cats.

KeLL said...

Thanks Angie!
I'm going to check it out!

Molly said...

I agree with Angie.

Also: My cats love to EAT anything we leave out. So it has taught us to do our dishes faster.

Or turn them upside down in the sink. :)

michelle said...

Perhaps start trying to train Logger (with that snappy thing) to not chase the cats so they don't feel threatened?

Also - try rubbing citrus (an orange peel) on the counter tops. Most cats don't like - or so I've heard. I had a friend who rubbed it all over his furniture to stop the kitties from scratching it.


Molly said...

Ah yes, but I did all the harassing. :)