Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Friends & Wine

Molly and Ryan's Annual Wine Tasting Extravaganza!
Richard and I drove to Red Wing early. I haven't seen Molly in over a month! I wanted to be selfish and have some time with her all to myself. Richard and I helped her clean and organize. Richard kept Ryan company while he sashayed around the kitchen making delicious, rich appetizers (he even improvised on a few recipes to make a meatless version for me!). I was Molly's little helper for the wine tasting. I made labels for the bottles and assisted her when bringing out the new mystery bottle (the wine tasters had to guess types of wines from 8 different varieties). Richard, who has never liked wine, even tried a few and liked some.
It was fun to watch reactions to different types of wines. The bitter, the overly sweet, the just plain bad.
Oddly enough, and without purpose, Molly chose all wines with animal names! I wish I could remember all their names....
It was a fun night, filled with conversation, tasty food, and good friends.
By the end of the day, Logger was exhausted. He loves to play with Penny (Molly's Golden Retriever). But he gets overwhelmed when Zephyer (Molly's giant lab) joins in and double teams him. Angie and Lane brought their dog, Bear. Bear was obsessed with Logger. She followed him all night, nose stuck in his behind. If he stopped for a second, she would try to mount him. By the end of the night, you can imagine Logger was tired of this. He began growling at her if she even looked at him. So Richard and I took turns scooping Logger up and holding him on our laps.

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Molly said...

It was a fun night.

But, that Logger is one s-p-o-i-l-e-d dog.