Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Dreams

Supposedly your dreams are more vivid when your pregnant. I've only had a handful of baby dreams.
1. I gave birth to a toddler boy. He was already two years old.
2. I had given birth to a baby girl and she had long curly black hair (weird)
3. I was in labor (that's all I remember)

Then they got more vivid:
4. Our baby boy was born. Richard named him Seedman and we would call him Seedie for short (!!). I panicked and started searching through an endless pile of baby name books for a different boys name, any boys name. I couldn't find a single name that worked.
5. I was six months pregnant and back in high school (yikes!). I was in gym class and there were a lot of girls pregnant. We were excused from the exercises the rest of the classes had to perform. Then the teacher said we had to do line sprints (I think they are called "Suicides" also). So I took my place on the line. I sprinted to the blue line and back, then to the red line and back, then the black line and back. I had beat all the boys in the class. The teacher patted me on the back. I left gym class and met Richard in the library. He was looking for pregnancy fitness videos for me. He checked out four or five vhs videos. We were walking down the hall and I was telling him about how fast I was in gym class when I went into labor, right there in the high school hallway. Richard tried to pick me, but I was too big. And then I woke up.

Crazy crazy crazy

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Molly said...


Did you ever think about naming him for your brother?

I have pregnancy dreams lately too, since you became pregnant. That I'm pregnant myself, etc. It's definitely weird.