Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 23: Thoughts on Labor

I am terrified of labor. I hear stories about how easy it was to horror stories about bleeding and emergency C-Sections and 6 hours of straight pushing!
I have so many fears about labor. The pain factor is a big one. But I'm hoping an epidermal will clear that right up. And then there are the "icks": Am I going to tear? Or should I have the doctor cut me? Am I going to poo on the table? Will I know?
Then I heard stories about the nurses pushing on your stomach after you give birth to get the afterbirth out. It is suppose to be very painful.

So, I registered for Childbirth Preparation Classes through my hospital. And either my husband, Richard, or my bestest friend, Molly, will be my partner. I've already been told we will watch the 1970s birth video we were forced to watch in 9th grade Health Class. Great.

It's all worth it though, right?!


ck said...

You *got* to watch a birthing video in 9th grade? How did I miss that? I've seen pictures from a nursing textbook. It amazes me that what I saw is possible! People tell me you can't remember the pain, only how happy you are when you see your baby. Good luck with the class!

michelle said...

i'm also terrified of all of that. the tearing especially - nothing sounds more painful! i'm hoping that my years of extreme cramps have given me some amount of pain tolerance but i doubt it. and yeah - the pooing thing kinda wierds me out. although i doubt that when the time comes i'll care at all :)

let me know how the class goes! :)

(p.s. i miss you!)

KeLL said...

I have another terrifying thought:

What if my water breaks at work?!?

Molly said...

I'm so taking a picture of you if you poo.

Just kidding.


Jamie said...

Pooping gets you extra points!!!!

Angie said...

Not sure if Molly told you or not, but a while back I had a dream that I had a baby for them. I've never been a kid-type person but the idea of being pregnant has always appealed to me... dare I say it, but I think I'd opt for the natural childbirth thing.

KeLL said...

I'm not going to decide on an epidermal or natural birth until I get to the hospital. I'm almost certain I will have a long labor (since every woman in my family does). But I've heard horror stories about natural birth. My sister has it both ways and curious to know which she preferred.