Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where is Charlie? And why does his horse hate me?

Leg Cramps. Charlie Horses. Pulled calf muscles.
This has now made my list of things I hate about being pregnant.

I don't know why this happens, but it is very common for pregnant women to get leg cramps in their sleep. It is also extremely painful and annoying.
I pulled my right calf muscle last week. And my left calf muscle this week.
How do I train myself not to stretch in my sleep?

My List of Things I Hate About Being Pregnant:

1. Sciatica nerve (Thank goodness the baby rolled off the nerve by week 14)
2. Sleeping on my side (hip pain, leg pain, uncomfortable) Between me, Logger, and the pregnancy pillow, poor Richard has no room in bed.
3. Nosebleeds (enough said)
4. The awkward stage between fitting in your regular clothes and wearing maternity clothes. (Your regular clothes are too tight, but maternity clothes are too big. Either way, everyone thinks you are just getting fat)
5. Leg Cramps (see above post)

My List of Things I LOVE About Being Pregnant:
1. He's kicking!! (This is such a wonderful, indescribable feeling)
2. The fluttering (He's moving around!)
3. The cute belly (sometimes I just want to hug my own belly)
4. Eating (although I'm making smart choices, I don't feel silly for eating a pound of strawberries in one sitting or feel guilty if I never have leftovers anymore)
5. The bond between Richard and me (he has become very protective of me, and I oddly like this)
6. The bond between my mom and me (she understands all the weird things I'm experiencing and helps me see the lighter side of it)
7. The bond between my sister and me (I can ask her any medical question, any pregnancy question, any baby question, and she will give me an honest answer)
8. Monthly doctors visits (Who likes to go to the doctor?! Me! Because I get to listen to Baby FermaNels's heartbeat)
9. The bond between Molly and me (This is about as close as two friends can ever get. And she'll be right there next to me when the baby arrives. She'll probably be the one driving me to the hospital.)
10. The unknown factor. (When will baby come? What will he look like? Will he have my blue eyes? Will he have Richard's nose? What will he name him? Will he have hair right away? How big will he be? Will he love semi trucks like Richard?) There are so many questions. And I can't wait to find them out.

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Bonnie (Mom) said...

This is my favorite of all the things you've written on your blog. You are so sweet!! And I am very proud to be your mother.