Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep on Truckin'!

No more over the road trucking! Richard starts his newLOCAL job Monday. Finally, I will see him everyday.

It has been so hard with Richard being in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Everything happens when he isn't home. Logger eats Aleve. My car breaks down on 94.
We can finally start our married life. We can finally sleep next to each other. We can finally raise Logger together. We can eat dinner together. We can have dates again. I can kiss him goodbye and goodnight every day. We can be married.


Molly said...

Just imagine all those marriages with one in a plane all the time for business! Or those that have chosen to live in separate places for careers. Tough. I'm glad this is over for you two.

michelle said...

Congrats! :) :)