Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Last Fermanich

It's official. I left work early. I visited sterile government buildings. I filled out paperwork. I became Mrs. [new last name].

I'm a little sad because I really liked my last name. My name that linked me to my parents. My name that made me stand out a little. My name that no one could pronounce or spell. I was original and rare. The only other "Kelly Fermanich" is my 36 year old 2nd cousin who is also of the other gender.

I am now one of 847 Kelly [new last name]s in the U.S. ( Although, I know it is more because the site says there are zero Kelly Fermanichs (I know I exist!) No one can find me. No more "F as in Frank, e-r...". (My name is 6 letters shorter!)

I think it is amusing that I chose to change my name on our 2 month anniversary. It took me two months to accept my new last name. Sure, I thought about hyphenating it, but Fermanich is long enough. I don't even sign all the letters to that one let alone adding a hyphen and six more letters. I'll have a hand cramp everytime I sign my last name.

I always knew I'd take my husband's name, but I didn't realize it would be this hard.


Molly said...

Kell, I love this, but you might not want your name and address on your blog. :)

Molly said...

I am apparently going from 32 people with my name to 2 (which is kind of true, but not since I'm having two last names).

Molly said...

Of course, the numbers must be off because I taught at a school with an Molly [Newlastname}, and I don't think the odds are that good, especially since this name isn't popular period.

And now I will stop commenting. :)