Monday, July 9, 2007

Blue Velvet, RIP

Richard and I left Green Bay at about 1 pm Sunday afternoon. We would pull into our driveway around 5:45 pm.

About 30 miles outside of Green Bay, we pulled over because my car was overheating. It was 95 degrees outside and extremely humid. Richard was able to cool the car down with the help of my dad (who we had called for advice). So we continued our trek home. About 87 miles outside of Green Bay, Richard wakes me up (I had been taking a nap in the passenger seat). "Call your dad. The car just died." Sure enough, every warning light had come on. Some I had never seen before. Richard coasted the car to the shoulder of Hwy 29. The car wouldn't start.

I pulled Logger out of the car and gave him water while Richard poked and prodded under the hood. My dad was going to come get us. Some how, Richard was able to get the car started. My dad and Richard agreed that we should go back to Green Bay. We weren't going to make it home, at least not in my car. Richard quickly figured out that if we didn't use the stereo, lights, or air conditioning and if we went less than 55 mph, the car ran fine. It was the most miserable car ride ever.

Poor Logger was panting nonstop. Richard and I were sweaty and frustrated. The heat was suffocating even with the windows down. I was extremely crabby. Richard was trying to keep the mood light, but I was ready to cry.

Four hours after we left Green Bay, we arrived in Green Bay. We swapped cars with my parents. We left Green Bay at 5pm for the second time. We arrived in Otsego 9 hours after we originally left Green Bay.

Until we figure out what is wrong with Blue Velvet or if she is even worth saving, I get to drive my mom's car. It has wonderful air conditioning.

PS: These pictures are from when my parents gave me Blue Velvet in 2000. She looks so shiny and young!


Molly said...

You're also wearing a weird outfit.

Sorry to hear about the car. I think it's time you get a new one anyway. :)

Of course, affording one is another story.

Ryan and I are thinking about getting a hybrid at some point... we're not sure when though!

michelle said...

i think you should get a car like mine. i would say get a hybrid but then i would be jealous that you could afford one. so you're not allowed.

and what is this poor logger was panting.

poor logger?

have you actually read your own blog?


Angie said...

At least you were close to home! Nice to have the option of swapping cars...

Molly, YES you guys need a hybrid for your commute.