Friday, July 6, 2007

Not Again

I stepped out of the shower this morning. Usually Logger greets me at the shower. He didn't this morning. Which lead me to believe he was up to no good. And he was.

Logger decided to eat a tube of Bactracin. I was able to read around his teeth marks. And of course if ingested, call poison control.

I locked Logger in the bathroom with me and induced vomiting (a trick I learned from his last mishap). Of course, he didn't vomit. I called Richard to tell him what his naughty puppy did. He called his mom and poison control (FYI: calling the Animal Poison Control costs $55). Poison Control said he would be fine, but he'd have a scorching case of diarrhea.

We're leaving for Green Bay tonight. Sorry Mom and Dad, but we're bringing Logger and his diarrhea.


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Molly said...

Oh Lordy with the dogs... I suppose I could do a new look-what-my-dogs ate post, but I'll save it up for a few more goodies.

I'm glad to hear that this second time Logger is going to be OK. I keep thinking there must be a way to dog-proof the house, but I'm finding that, no matter what, if they are bored, they will find something to get into.

Miss you. Funny that you're in GB this weekend and I'm taking a break from it!

michelle said...

good god do i love my cats.....