Monday, July 30, 2007

Molly's Last Hurrah

Saturday was Molly's bridal shower. Eight of us painted plates, bowls, mugs, pigs, jewelry, and jars at ColorMeMine in Woodbury. I think for most of us, it was the first time we had ever done this activity outside of middle school. It came naturally to the moms and Angie. I know I struggled to keep my lines straight (I'm very nervous to see how my pig turned out!).

We ran out of time. Chris and I ran late and did not have all the food set up by the time the party started. It took us a good 15 minutes to get settled in.

We ran out time. The cake wasn't cut. The presents weren't open. But we had a second stop on our field trip bridal shower. We went out to dinner at Green Mill (one of Molly's favorites). We were able to take our time and watch Molly open gifts. We enjoyed the cake even though we were stuffed from our meals.

Molly received some great gifts. Including this cutting board in the shape of a book. Who knew?!

Most of us are friends from various pockets of Molly's life. And we've never all hung out together like this. Chris and I are friends from middle school, but rarely get a chance to see each other. Angie is Molly's friend through her husband Lane (who is Ryan's friend). Chris, Angie, and I have are acquaintances. Emily is Molly's coworker and fast becoming a steadfast friend to her. Evonne knows Molly through her ex-fiance.

We quickly bonded together as if we've known each other for years and do this all the time. Conversation and interaction flowed easily.

The Bachelorette Party

We began the evening at The Marquette in downtown Minneapolis. We unwound from the flurry of the bridal shower with homemade white wine.

Molly learned to put eyeliner on so that her eyes would "POP". (I can count on one hand how many times I've seen Molly wear makeup!)

We played games (one involved peanuts and a salami). And watched Molly open various naughty gifts. I decked her out in a sash, a crown, a wand, beads, a candy penis necklace, and a badge made out of a condom and plastic penis. She was thrilled, as you can imagine.

I couldn't resist taking this picture. It's the closest thing to having my name in lights!

We made Molly ask 10 strangers awful pick-up lines, including "Do you work for UPS? Because I've been checking out your package all night!" and "Is there an airport near by or is that my heart taking off!" and "Is that shirt felt? Do you want it to be?" And the classic, "Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?"

She was reluctant at first, apologizing before spitting out the line. By the end of the night, she was rattling them off without thinking twice.

We sprawled out across the hotel room, talking until late into the night (or early into the morning).

And now, I present, The Drunk Kelly Montage:

Kelly & Molly

Kelly & Emily

Kelly & Chris

Kelly & Evonne

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Molly said...

Aside from the ones of me, I love these pictures!

Thank you for some beautiful memories. I do indeed think everyone did well socializing, despite not knowing one another. Woo hoo!

(Don't forget Eireann and Jen!)