Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Baby!

My first baby shower (which I kept mistakenly calling it "my bridal shower"!). Kelli and Jen put together a small baby shower for me at The Cheesecake Factory.

Good food, great company, and silly games made it a wonderful Sunday afternoon. An adorable little outfit from Nikki.

My friend Joanne from my last job.

The cutest bath gift basket ever From Michelle

One month old Emma woke up towards the end to join in the festivities

Brenda and I checking out the new toy from Jen

Kelli and Jen!

Michelle Chelle!

Showing off my belly for a game

And the usual strawberries. I drank Strawberry Lemonade. And had strawberry cheesecake. These are strawberries courtesy of Michelle's Kids Brunch! Thank you, Michelle!


Molly said...

You look SO MUCH like Kim in that first picture of you.

Molly said...

Oops, I mean the second one. The one with you holding Michelle's basket.