Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 28: No News is Good News

I had my Week 28 checkup with the doctor on Friday.

I gained 6 pounds in the last month, bringing my total weight gain to 17 pounds. I'm on the low end of gaining weight and with uterus size (She measures from my belly button to the the top my uterus. Yes you can feel it. It's weird). Baby FermaNels has a healthy, normal heartbeat: 132 beat per minute (needed to be between 120-150).

And I had my gestational diabetes test. I was terrified of this test. Not the test itself, but of having to change my diet if it came back positive. I would have to cut down on my sugar (no sour gummy worms), cut down on my carbs (no fruit - including strawberries! [13 pounds devoured and counting!]), and be forced to eat things like oatmeal (not too bad), eggs (blah!), and meat (EWWWW!).

To take the test, I had to chug a bottle of super syrupy sugared orange soda. If Fanta and Jolt had a one night stand, this would be their love child. It was so sugary, I wanted to brush my teeth as soon as I finished. It gave me a slight stomach ache. I felt like I had eaten candy all day and nothing else. The Sugar Gut Rot.
Fanta has been my savior since I became pregnant. It's what I drink when I would normally drink Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke. Not anymore. This test ruined orange pop for me.
I sat in the waiting room, playing Brain Age 2 on Richard's DS. After an hour, they drew my blood. If I didn't get a call, that means my pancreas is acting normal. If they call, I would have to go in for further testing. Further testing involves a 3 hour test. Yuck.
It's been two full business days and no call. I'm hoping that is good news.

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