Monday, May 26, 2008

35 Weeks: Smooth Sailing

I saw my doctor last Friday. At the end of the appointment, she commented, "You are the most laid back, easy going, first time pregnant woman I have ever seen!"
Score one for the Sloth! My belly is growing outward since I have no more room to grow up. Baby FermaNels continues to push on all my organs including my stomach and bladder. His favorite thing to do is stick his butt into my ribs. My doctor confirmed that is head is down and his butt is on my right side. He's in the correct position for a healthy birth (Yeah!!).
Thursday and Friday my sciatic nerve caused shooting pains down my left leg, through my knee, and into my shin. I could barely walk at work. I've been working a lot of hours for the last three weeks. Thank goodness those are over. When they ended, the shooting pain ended.
This weekend, I started feeling Braxston-Hicks contractions. My stomach gets hard. Almost as if I have an actual bowling ball under my skin. Sometimes they are accompanied by a small cramp. This is absolutely normal. I guess you start getting them around week 6 of your pregnancy, but cannot feel them until the end of your pregnancy.

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Molly said...

Oh, hello shiny belly! My Canon wants to meet you!