Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week 33: The Battle Begins

I've had an easy pregnancy so far. That's all over.
Most nights I wake up in excrutinating pain in my hip. It's from all the extra weight resting on the joint. Some mornings, it feels even worse. Some mornings I can barely walk downstairs. So I'm starting to get creative with pillows, hoping to take the pressure off my hips.
The sciatic nerve has kicked into high gear again. It's bearable during the day. But the later it gets, the more painful it becomes. This searing pain down my lower back and into my butt has caused me to scream. Moving becomes too painful. I have broken down and cried several times.

But with only 7 weeks left, Baby FermaNels moves all the time. My belly will jolt to one side. An appendage will kick out suddenly. He gets the hiccups sometimes, which is always fun. He sticks his butt into my ribs daily. It's uncomfortable, but also exciting. I love feeling him move.


Molly said...

I heard a rumor you had a pretty nice baby shower. I wonder what it looked like...?


I'm totally missing you, you stinker. Love to Iago.

KeLL said...

I uploaded the pictures, I've just been too exhausted to narrate