Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If one more stops by.....

Vultures. They are all vultures. My doorbell rang 4 times in the last 24 hours - all contractors wanting to give us an estimate. I have fliers shoved in our newspaper box. And of course a half a dozen littering our yard (which I promptly recycled). My house phone rings with men offering free estimates. I can't even walk Logger without being stopped by at least two stormchasing contractors. The main road into our neighborhood was littered with trucks from seven different companies all soliciting.

So I went with the first person we talked to. Our new neighbor down the street who compared storm damage with the rest of us. A simple sign in the yard wards off unwanted and unruly coyotes.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning....

The storm that devastated the small community of Hugo also hit us. Only we were fortunate only to have hail. Three waves of hail bombarded our house. I stood in the middle of our great room. One hand around Logger, the other clutching my stomach as if to protect my two boys. Richard stood at the front door, snapping pictures.

After the first wave of golf ball to tennis ball size hail, we joined the neighbors to compare damage. Some far worse with a broken window or two. Others with only few pieces of chipped siding. We fared somewhere in between.

I had gone back in the house to watch the news. Richard called me to come outside. A funnel cloud was forming far in the distance. I ordered him in the house. Of course he didn't listen and continued to gawk at the sky with the other husbands. He came running home when the second wave of hail hammered us.

We are all safe. And that is what matters. Only some cosmetic injuries to our young house.

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Molly said...

Wow. I hadn't realized how bad it was out by you! I'm so glad you guys are safe. I hate that something happened that was so scary with Iago still in there! Eep. I want to come up and protect him too. (And Penny and Zephyr want to come up and protect Logger, but I told them they had to stay home and get Z's paw to heal.)