Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My wonderful husband wanted to buy me a Mother's Day present. I insisted he couldn't as I don't consider myself a mother yet. Others did not listen. I received a Mother's Day card from my mom, numerous text messages from friends, and these lovely flowers from Molly.

I think of my own mother who has always put my sister and I first, who loves us unconditionally, who always made sure we never went without. My mother who to this day sends us care packages just to let us know she was thinking of us. My mother who has always been there to listen, to advise, to share. She has never held back at telling us the truth (even when we wanted her to!) and taught us to be independent.
And I do love my unborn son unconditionally and I am doing everything I can to ensure he arrives healthy, but I know nothing about him. What will he look like, what will his favorite color be, will he be more artistic or musical or academic or all of the above.
So, I don't consider myself a mother until I can look into eyes and see his bright future a head of him.


Molly said...

You still deserve a celebration for what you've been through to bring him into this world, even if you don't feel quite like a mama just yet.

Bonnie said...

You are the sweetest daughter and I love you very much. You're going to be a great mother. MOM